C & S Blacktopping, Inc. has the expertise to install the best asphalt surface for you. We stand behind our work, and provide you with an industry leading warranty on materials and workmanship. We service residential, commercial, industrial, and municipal customers. All customers receive friendly service and prompt attention. We offer high quality work at extremely competitive prices.

We are a full service asphalt company. If your asphalt does not need replacement, we can repair it, crack fill it, and/or seal coat it to make it look better and last longer. We are fully insured and provide written estimates and consultations.

  • Residential - Commerical - Industrial
  • Driveways, Parking Lots, Private Roads, Sports Courts, Pathways
  • New, Replacement, Overlays, Repairs
  • Grading and Gravel Prep Work
  • Patching, Seal Coating and Hot Crack Filling
  • Snow Plowing

asphalt is 100% recyclable


The old asphalt material is removed. Base is established by adding a layer of recycled asphalt and concrete to the determined amount. The thickness will vary depending on the soil conditions. The base material is rolled with a vibrating roller to compact. The hot asphalt is applied with a paving machine. The machine lays a mat of uniform consistency. While the mat is still hot it is rolled to a maximum density. Even at maximum density, it is important to note that aggregate or stones will be able to be seen near the surface.

In areas where the material is installed by hand, the aggregate can be seen more prominently. This situation is normal. The more coarse aggregate mix, the stronger the mat is, the longer it will stand up and the less maintenance it will require.


Even the most solid base may settle a bit to cause a slight low point, and the action of the roller may cause a slight depression. These areas may hold a small amount of water after a rain. In most cases, this water will evaporate.

Asphalt is made from a mixture of sand, gravel, and oil. Where there is a predominance of larger gravel in the mix, the finish mat will look rougher. Tie in areas between loads and areas between two mats often look rougher as well. These areas will fill in with dust or a seal coat will give the area a more uniform look.

When asphalt is rolled during the glare of the sun it looks smooth, yet may show roller marks after the sun starts to set. Eventually aging of the asphalt will make the marks inconspicuous.

roller marks

An asphalt mat is raked to a line and some distortion may develop when the edges are tamped and further distortion may develop from the weight of the roller. We strive to keep our edges as straight as possible.

We make every effort to give our customers the average thickness for which they are paying. In order to have the best drainage, some areas may necessarily be thicker than average and some may be slightly less.

Weed killer is used to eliminate growth of vegetation through the asphalt mat. In the event that all the seeds are not killed and weeds or grass grow through, spray weed killer where the growth is and tamp the area down.

Frost penetrates the ground as deep as four to six feet. The ground heaves when frozen this deep as much as 1 to 2 inches. Asphalt does give and move slightly. Excessive heaving can cause cracking and separation. These cracks are generally straight and extend from one side of the asphalt surface to another. Regardless of how thick and strong the asphalt mat is the earth freezing is stronger. Many highways have expansion cracks in them. Some cracks will contract when the frost comes out, while others may not. In the event the cracks remain open, we recommend filling the cracks to avoid water penetration.

Gas, oil, antifreeze, and all petroleum products will harm asphalt when excess amounts are spilled on the surface. Ladders, grills, kick stands, and other sharp objects will indent asphalt. Radial tires, particularly front wheel drive vehicles, may leave scuff tire marks on new asphalt because of heat generated by the flexing of steel and rubber. Salt will not harm asphalt in anyway.

Asphalt material oxidizes, dries out and the fine sand particles begin to wear off. The method of using commercial asphalt-based sealer and installing it by hand is the most cost effective way to seal an asphalt surface. Sealers containing coal tar based sealers have been replaced with asphalt based products which are what we use. We fill all the major cracks prior to seal coating by using a cold pour product or a hot rubber depending on the width of the crack.

Seal coating is a process of cleaning the asphalt surface and applying a mixture of asphalt sealer with silica sand. We recommend spraying the application, using a brush, or using a squeegee. This process does not affect the structural make up of the asphalt, and it does beautify the surface and protects it from spills